Key Management

Ishtiyaq Ahmead

General Manager

Ishtiyaq commenced his employment with Hidayath Group in 2007 as the General Manager. His relentless efforts have led the group to become a benchmark of quality and efficiency in stainless steel and allied metal products, solutions, and services.


He has been instrumental in constantly expanding the scope of the group activities and dramatically growing its client base across all emerging markets. His extensive experience in business development, client relationship, formation, application, and governance makes him adept at managing the development of a dynamic organization with strong growth ambitions.

Shabbir Saheb

Chief Financial Officer

In his capacity as Chief Financial Officer of Hidayath Group, Shabbir Saheb brings to the CFO role more than 30 year’s experience in accounting, auditing, financial management, risk management, commercial negotiations, and financial strategy.


A commercially astute leader with an unmatched track record of sound financial stewardship. Shabbir leverages his technical experience to steer Hidayath Group’s financial strategy across all businesses of the group. Shabbir liaises closely with executive leadership and the Board of Directors to ensure continued financial growth and drive greater value for all shareholders.

Irfan Yusuf

Director - Commercial

An astute Chartered Accountant with over 20 years of extensive hands-on experience across verticals of supply chain & commercial management, Mr. Irfan is responsible for planning and executing business strategies to improve efficiency in the operational management, advise on projects, procurements, marketing, risk analysis & supply chain management, Irfan joined the group in 2004.


He is one of the key players who has contributed immensely to the group's global establishment and key expansion projects.

Altaf Khatri

Director - Sales (UAE)

Altaf joined Hidayath Group as a Sales Manager in 2006 with Al Hashimi Metal Manufacturing Products LLC., his great communication, interpersonal skills, and ability to “sell-ice-to-an-eskimo” soared his career graph to the Head of Sales in less than seven years. 


His pragmatic and proactive approach has helped the group to enter new markets and broaden its product portfolio with his sharp sight and ability to seize unseen opportunities, the group has experienced multi-dimensional growth.