Hidayath Group Showcases Innovative Stainless Steel Solutions at Index Dubai 2023

Published on Saturday, June 24, 2023
Hidayath Group Showcases Innovative Stainless Steel Solutions at Index Dubai 2023

As the curtains closed on Index 2023, the interior design and architecture space witnessed a wave of new trends and innovations. Hidayath Group, true to its pioneering spirit, made a resounding impact by showcasing its innovative offerings and emphasizing the indispensable role of stainless steel in the architectural and interior realms. Amidst a sea of brands and businesses, Hidayath Group effortlessly carved out a niche for itself, earning the coveted title of “Instagram Worthy Stand” through its unconventional designs and extraordinary stainless steel finishes.




Stepping onto the stage of the event with an air of authority and innovation were the dynamic duo behind Hidayath Group, Mr. Imran Hidayath (CEO & Executive Director) and Mr. Rehan Hidayath (COO & Executive Director). With their visionary leadership and unwavering dedication, they have emerged as the true pioneers of modern stainless steel commercial and industrial solutions in the region.




In a bold departure from the conventional norms, Hidayath Group made a resounding statement at Index Dubai 2023 by infusing stainless steel with a touch of modernity and craftsmanship. Each product on display was a testament to their unwavering commitment to innovation, captivating attendees and sparking conversations that elevated the prominence of the Hidayath name among interior designers and architects.


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In a showcase brimming with diversity and innovation, Hidayath Group demonstrated its prowess as a masterful stainless steel craftsman capable of delivering extraordinary solutions across various scales. From captivating interior decor solutions to impeccable architectural finishes, their product range encompassed a world of possibilities. Two standout creations, the SS Sculpture of Deer and the SS Entrance Tree, exemplified Hidayath’s boundless imagination, and meticulous craftsmanship, and showcased the breathtaking SS Mirror Finish and Laser cutting techniques that brought an ethereal allure to their designs.


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Unveiling a sight that was impossible to overlook, the SS Angel Wings emerged as the true showstopper of the event. Crafted with meticulous care and unparalleled attention to detail at our own state-of-the-art facility, these wings exuded a mesmerizing allure that set them apart from the crowd. The intricate finish and exquisite detailing bestowed upon them ensured that they captivated every onlooker’s gaze, making Hidayath Group an undeniable sensation at the event. The allure of these wings was irresistible, prompting individuals to capture unforgettable moments and showcase them on their social media handles, turning Hidayath Group into an undeniable “Instagram Worthy” exhibitor




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Over the course of three exhilarating days, the event played host to a myriad of exhibitors, each showcasing their finest works with unwavering pride. Amidst this sea of creativity and innovation, it was the Hidayath Group that stood tall, commanding attention and captivating the gaze of all who beheld their grandeur in stainless steel. As the curtains closed on Index Dubai 2023, Hidayath Group now sets its sights on the next chapter of its journey—Index Saudi 2023. This eagerly anticipated event will take place at the prestigious Riyadh Front Exhibition and Conference Center from 10-12 September, promising to be yet another immersive experience that attendees will cherish.


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